Friday, July 19, 2013

May the k9 Spy! Review and giveaways and scavenger hunt!

Hellooooo, everybody!

  Welcome back! Sorry about that whole 'see you Tuesday' comment. Sometimes my brain goes on the fritz.  So far, I have not lost any of my children or forgotten my own name. I may or may not have locked myself out of my house, car, van, apartment, etc. on a regular basis since I was given a set of keys. I also tend to forget how old I am and whether or not we have food in the house. But that's all minor stuff, right??

How can you possibly complain when I had this cool chicken-in-a-diaper picture??
You're welcome.

 Ok, so today I'm reviewing an awesome middle grade fiction book called
May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy

(Isn't that the cutest cover EVAH??? Here's the blurb...)

Sometimes I start with a well-thought out plan, and sometimes, me being me, things just happen. In my imagination I'm on my way, heading anywhere. Because anywhere's better than here.
Which is why I'm staring at this latch. I'm going to escape today. I've been watching closely to see how they work it, though no one's noticed.
Humans... So unaware...
   Caveat: I'm not a dog person. I don't have a dog. I have cats. And some kids. And some chickens. But I like dogs and know how smart they can be. That being said, this book made me LOVE dogs. It made me want to go right out and bring home a dog. And not just any dog. I wanted a rescue dog.
  Puppies are great, but May makes you long for a smart dog that just never got a real chance. And May is as smart as they come.
  I have readers from ages seven to thirteen and we read A LOT.  I can tell within a chapter whether the book is something that kids will finish. I knew I liked the book, but what did I know? I'm pushing forty and don't even Pet the cat when I walk by. I'm not the best beta reader for May.
BUT my kids loved this book!! Forget love, they flipped over this book! We had to get all the others.
Wait, that probably doesn't sound good from a parent's perspective. But it's money well-spent. And the best part?
The FIRST MAY BOOK IS FREE RIGHT NOW!! No kidding! here's the linkydoo: HERE
Also, as a special treat to her fans, MAY has a cool treasure hunt going on! Every blog she's visited has a very special letter somewhere hidden inside. Hmmmmm.... Can you find it?? You find each letter, spell out the word, and there are awesome prizes to be had!
Since I love these books so much, I want to link the cover of the next and the blurbs in this review, too. You know kids LOVE A SERIES.
May Finds a Way: Peril in Paris:   An enterprising escape, a perilous mission...
After going astray during K9 Spy boot camp, May tries to find a way to the American Embassy in Paris.
Join her and Léonce, a feral cat, as they sniff out an evil plot leading from Benjamin Franklin's park through the historic Passy Cemetery to The Pantheon...including a journey under the city!
Guess what? This one will be FREE for Kindle: July 23-27, 2013 !!
Check out the rules and join May the K9 Spy’s Scavenger Hunt at May’s Blog Tour HQ! Also, if you grab the book and review it, you can be entered for MORE prizes! 
About the Author:
KC Frantzen learned to speak critter at a young age. She and her husband volunteer with a variety of projects, including the Joni & Friends Wounded Warrior Getaway. They enjoy traveling just about anywhere, which helps formulate ideas for May the K9 Spy. The family lives in the country hills of middle Tennessee with two Arabian horses and several rescue dogs, including the real May.



  1. Miss Virginia!

    Gooooood morning to you and your family!

    I'm wiggling my entire self... and blushing.

    Wonder of wonders. They enjoyed it lots? And you too? That's such a nice compliment from a wonderful and prolific author such as yourself.
    ("") ("")2 paws, way up!

    That's what we're after, a story that keeps kids reading. Adults are just gravy...

    Mmmm. Gravy.
    no wait...
    Focus May, focus.

    Mom and I will be popping in and out today to chat and answer questions.
    We’re so grateful to be here.

    Thank you!

    Love from May

  2. KC here too!
    May is hogging the computer this morning. She's practicing.

    Usually I type since she has no thumbs but not today. She's soooo excited to be here with your pack!

    Thanks again.

  3. May here again... :)

    I have 3 sisters and a brother, all rescues. FINALLY, I'm top dog in the family (except for Dad and Mom of course). We thank you Miss Virginia...

    Rescues are DA BEST!

  4. Sounds like a fun read and I know just the dog-lovin' girls who would like to read it. I'm off to check it out. :)

  5. Thanks Miss Carol.
    Let us know what you think!

    love from May

  6. Wow, it's so early and the party has already started!!

    May, I can't imagine how fun your house is! I have 6 little ones and since you've got 3 sibs, you know how fun a big family can be!!

  7. I do indeed.
    Actually Miss Virginia... I have a K9 brother and 3 sisters... AND 2 BIG horsey sisters.

    But you have 2 footed children so it's different I'm sure.

    Not too early here. We're on central time and it's 12:27.

    THANK you for hostessing us. Pawsome to be with you today! Thlbpt!

    (Oh - is that okay? I know you're a kitty person. Mom says I give sweet, dry, soft little kisses.)

  8. woof woof May and Hi KC, Sounds like things are hopping for the two of you. Your story sound great May. Bet my rescue dog Cody would relate. :) woof woof

  9. Hi Virginia, Great review for KC, Love your blog spot.

  10. Learned to speak critter at a young age. Love it!!

    Hey, May!!! Arrf, aarf to you! from me!

  11. Note the extra a in my aarf. I speak southern critter.

  12. 4 tries to get the captcha. Eliminating the anonymous comments is easier. Blogger is really good at catching bad guys without captcha as long as anon is turned off.

  13. Special sniffs and greetings to Cody, Miss Sandra. You're obviously a pawsome person. Thanks for being a rescue Mom!!!

    You can get my #1 eBook FREEEEEE through today so go for it. :)

    And isn't this a happenin' spot? I mean really. I'm used to chicken biscuits not a REAL chicken. Too fun! I quite like chickens!

  14. Miss Tina.

    You are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

    We do have a bit of a drawl, don't we?

    Yep, Mom is fluent in critter. It's nice to be bilingual. She speaks a fair amount of Spanish too.

    I got to learn a little French when in Paris. Mom made a POINT to tell me she had a pastry just for you on her research trip at La Solana Cafe. YUMMO!

    Thanks to you and Miss Sandra for dropping by. I love my FURiends!!!

  15. Captcha, what? Do I have it set to keep people out?? Must go check...

  16. Oh, Virginia - this is great! ;) Love your enthusiasm and your disclaimer at the beginning of the post, LOL!

    And Puss in Boots!! I'm right there with you - LOVE cats, but little May can win even cat-lovers over, right? ;) She is a sweet pup! And I appreciate the awesome cat in book 2 that helps May!

    *Waving to KC, Sandra, and Tina!*

    Thanks again, Virginia!


  17. Mom mentioned Antonio Banderas... Wonder why?

    Miss Amber, glad you approve of my feral cat FURiend. He was such a blessing to me in Paris!

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