Friday, April 26, 2013

New covers!!!

Ok, everybody, it was wayyyy past due but I finally got some real covers made for these two books out now.

 First off, my baby....

My first....

My New Year's Eve moment of insanity....

All grown up. :)
 Of course, what comes next? Paper copies! yes, for all of you who eschew the Kindle and embrace the ancient art of paper publishing, this little (mercy, actually about 368 pages) book will be in paper soon! Until then, you all can buy it here on Kindle.
All right, ready for the next one???? Now, my historical always had a cover I hated. It was slapped together (ok, it took me 4 hours) on Powerpoint and it admittedly... sucked the big Kahuna.
But it still sold better (five thousand copies so far!) than quirky Southern Jane Austen. Everybody loves a historical, right? But not everybody loves a crapalicious cover. Here's the old one...

Yikes. What can I say? It had to go.
Much better!! And since she's a portrait painter, I really like the model's position. Isn't that SO much better??? And I think the covers are helping sales, too. (I mean, duh, of course they would but it's nice to see it for realz.)

  Ok, that's about it. Remember you can find me on facebook here and here, depending on what series you want to follow. :)

  Now, back to the AA's for Season of Hope (releasing Nov 2012) and tonight, digging back into 'Emma, Mr. Knightley, and Chili-Slaw Dogs', which I'm absolutely loving!

  I've always loved Emma and Mr. Knightley. But as Southerners, I just have to love them a bit more.

  Take care and be good and get out into the sunshine!!