Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Now that we're into the busy season, I thought I'd blog.

 No, seriously.

  Somehow the busier I get, the more I feel the need to decompress through... yes, writing! Miracle that it is, it clears my mind, relaxes my tense muscles, keeps me sane.

  Blogging over at Yankee Belle Cafe has been great... but not for my wasitline. Do you know how many times I've decided to make something hugely caloric because 'it could go on the blog'? Yes, all the time.

  So, at least over here, my blogging won't make me fat. Er. Fatter. That's what I meant to say!

  Ok, have a wonderful Advent season and hope to see you more regularly, Mr. Blogger. :)

 In book news: Season of Joy got 4 1/2 star review from Romantic Times magazine. Whee!

AND nomintaed for RT reviewer's choice for best debut in a series 2012.

 That is all. Praying for Sandy survivors and for peace in our nation and overseas.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

How annoying!

I love technology. I really do. The ability to reach out with nothing but a picture or some words and... make a connect across the country or across the world But just trying to stick a Gooodreads widget on my blog took me about 45 minutes. And I finally just pasted the dumb thing on a post. *sigh* You win, technology, for tonight. I'm going to go paint something. At least I can see what I'm doing wrong! Have a wonderful week, all and stop by the Yankee Belle Cafe on Wednesday for some ugly food. :) (That's my day, if anyone is wondering if I'm making fun of Missy or Mindy or Jan or Ruthy.... )
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

News, news, news.

Hello people!

 Well, I have started a new gig over at Yankee Belle Cafe, which is a food blog run by Ruth Logan Herne and Missy Tippens (and Mindy and Jan :).

  I hope I'll post there much mroe often than I do here because... it's food. And I like food. :)

  Here's the link to the first post of mine. Be sure to browse their recipes. You'll never be the same!!

  My take is going to be fresh and healthy (no laughing!!) and food from the Northwest and West coast.

  So, until I have mroe news on the writing front we'll tide ourselves over with some tasty treats.
  P.S. The current WIP is being a problem child. I'm hoping it turns out to be one of thsoe kids that was a terror to raise, but makes your proud... eventually.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am being VERY PRODUCTIVE! For some reason I hear Elmer Fudd's voice there... Anyway, I now have an author page on facebook (Virginia Carmichael Author) so look me up and like me. Or not.

There's a hot picture of Richard Armitage ready to plant a smooch on Miss Hale so that's at least worth a peek, right? I hope that's not too sensual for inspirational romance. They're obviously keeping their lips together. Should be okay. If not... Close your eyes.

Oh, also ignore my little profile that seems so stalkerish over his shoulder. *embarassing* Even though that would totally be me in real life, elbowing my way into that frame. Probably shoving that Hale chick off the bench, too.

 Okay, off to bed. I would post writing news but the only thing I've got going on is 1) getting a rejection on a historical and 2) busting my keister on a contemporary. There you have it, in the proverbial nutshell.

  Harrah for the weekend!

Oh, I knew you wanted to see it but were too lazy to go to facebook. So here it is.

You're welcome...

Friday, March 16, 2012

News! News!

No, not just another blog post, but that would be thrilling as well, eh?

  I've signed a contract with Love Inspired and will have a contemporary coming out in November 2012. Title is.... SEASON OF JOY! The exclamation is mine, not actually part of the title. :)

  That's my news for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll post another two lines... WHEE!! :D