Monday, September 19, 2011

A 2 Z 4 U and Me Meme

All right, folks. I really hate how texting has sped up the loss of our ability to use homonyms correctly (there, their, they're). And I really, really hate all the crazy abbrevations people use in their texting. If I wanted letters in my sentences, I would be an Algebra teacher.
  That said, I was following Patty Wysong's blog and she has a fun excercise called the A 2 Z 4 U and Me . She gives the letter and we write a little bit about it. Since it's only 11:22 PM and I have a few hours before some baby or toddler or older kid wakes up (although nothing is for certain), I thought I'd participate!

 R is our letter...

  Last year I worked with a woman who had the craziest sense of humor. She would make odd sounds or put on an accent or give half a line of movie dialogue. And it just cracked me up. This letter makes me think of the way Lili would whisper, "Rage!" in a crazy, high-pitched voice, with a straight face, usually while getting up to help someone being too needy, or for a task that she'd done a hundred times already.
   It NEVER failed to make me laugh.

  And no matter how much I try to duplicate it, it's just not funny when I try.

  Anyway, that was a side note. Here's what I really wanted to say...

  It's raining.  And I can't help but think of one of my favorite Bible verses, Matthew 5:45.

            "He makes his sun rise on the evil and the good,
                 and sends RAIN on the just and the unjust."

 Last Sunday the Gospel reading was the parable of the vineyard owner who brings in workers, promising them 'a just day's wage'. Some worked from early morning, some came at noon, and some came just an hour before the day was done. He paid them all the same, beginning with the ones who came last. The workers who bore the brunt of the day's labor and the heat were angry and jealous, asking why they did not receive much more that those who had only worked an hour. And the vineyward owner replies that they recevied what was promised and should not be jealous of those who received the same for less work.

  What a beautiful parable that is! Even for those of us who have been Christian our entire adults lives, we delight in the promise that God waits for us ALL with open arms. Whether we come to the harvest in the morning light, at noon,  or at the end of the day, he welcomes and rewards every one who responds to his call. He sends the rain to fall on the just and the unjust, his mercies fall freely to any of us willing to open our hearts to him.


  1. Welcome, Virginia! I'm so glad you joined us! Your friend sounds like a hoot! =]

    LoL--texting lingo used to drive me nutso, until I started texting to keep up with my kids. Now I'm very thankful for it--but I usually reserve it for the phone. ;-) When I needed something catchy for the meme (cuz I was in such a blogging dry spell and needed help!!) the texting shortcuts came in handy. =]

    Rain--good R!! So often I feel like my soul is parched and I pray for rain. I'm sooooo glad God answers prayer and sends rain! =]


  2. Hi Virginia--it's nice to have you join the meme! Great post. In addition to the message in your insightful post I also LOVE the picture you used. It is gorgeous.

  3. So encouraging to know we're ALL in His care - no matter how long(or how short!) we've been with Him.

  4. Hi, Virginia! I look forward to following your blog. Love the picture of the double rainbow--beautiful. I also love the picture you gave us of His love and the way He cares for ALL of us. Blessings!

  5. Hey, it ate my comment! Here I go again...

    Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Barbara, isn't He amazing?
    Patty, my friend would also greet me with Hannibal Lector's 'Hello, Clarise' when I got back from lunch. She could to it a hundred times and I still laughed!
    Shelley, I was 35 years old before I learned that a double rainbow was a relfection of the first. Aren't they beautiful?
    Joanne, amen!
    Rita, Hi, Rita! Aren't you the brave soul?! Thanks for subscribing and I'll be inspired to post more often with you and Tina.

  6. Excellent post Virginia. I'm sure I know your friend! Love people who can make me laugh!

  7. I HATE texting lingo when it shows up in the kids papers at school. That's when it's NO fun! Other than that, I use it when texting:)

    I love your verse too. Thank you for sharing. Welcome welcome welcome!!!! :)

  8. Marji, doesn't she sound like a crazy person?? Maybe because she's so normal, it is truly funny! Perhaps I'm too close to 'rage' to get a giggle. Most people might just run for the door if I said something like that...

  9. Laury, I hear you! I'm sure my kdis would write like that if I let them. :D

  10. Welcome to the meme! I find myself writing text messages all out and then realizing it's just a few characters too long for one message and then I go back and shorten things into texting lingo so it fits. Ha.

    I live in the rain forest Pacific Northwest so we get rain most of the time. Lucky for me, I love it. I love your point about God's mercy falling freely on all of us, too.

  11. Hi Virginia! Lovely post, and welcome to the meme!

    We've had a wonderfully wet summer here in western Colorado. There's moss on the north side of the trees, the grass is green, mushrooms are popping up... all things folks who live in wetter climates take for granted. Kind of the way we believers tend to take the peace of God in our hearts for granted, not considering the spiritual drought so many are trapped in!

    You must have a teaching gift... stirred up my thought processes this morning! Thank you!

  12. Hi Sparrow! I love your name! And I live on the other side of Oregon, the DRY side. So, when it rains it's a pretty big deal. I went to school in Eugene, to I remember those long months of rain (and rain fever!. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the mist/ rain/ sprinkles/ showers/ and downpours.
    P.S. My favorite was when it would rain AND be sunny at the same time! Crazy!

  13. Hi Niki! I'm so jealous of your moss! and I was born in Golden, but moved when I wasn't even a year old. Denver is a beautiful city... And Columbine is the state flower. That's my CO knowledge!!
    You're sweet, and enjoy the inspiration for your day! All good thigns come from above, like rain...