Friday, April 26, 2013

New covers!!!

Ok, everybody, it was wayyyy past due but I finally got some real covers made for these two books out now.

 First off, my baby....

My first....

My New Year's Eve moment of insanity....

All grown up. :)
 Of course, what comes next? Paper copies! yes, for all of you who eschew the Kindle and embrace the ancient art of paper publishing, this little (mercy, actually about 368 pages) book will be in paper soon! Until then, you all can buy it here on Kindle.
All right, ready for the next one???? Now, my historical always had a cover I hated. It was slapped together (ok, it took me 4 hours) on Powerpoint and it admittedly... sucked the big Kahuna.
But it still sold better (five thousand copies so far!) than quirky Southern Jane Austen. Everybody loves a historical, right? But not everybody loves a crapalicious cover. Here's the old one...

Yikes. What can I say? It had to go.
Much better!! And since she's a portrait painter, I really like the model's position. Isn't that SO much better??? And I think the covers are helping sales, too. (I mean, duh, of course they would but it's nice to see it for realz.)

  Ok, that's about it. Remember you can find me on facebook here and here, depending on what series you want to follow. :)

  Now, back to the AA's for Season of Hope (releasing Nov 2012) and tonight, digging back into 'Emma, Mr. Knightley, and Chili-Slaw Dogs', which I'm absolutely loving!

  I've always loved Emma and Mr. Knightley. But as Southerners, I just have to love them a bit more.

  Take care and be good and get out into the sunshine!!



  1. Hi Virginia;

    That first cover is not all that bad. I think if the type face were better it could give the second cover a run for its money. The woman in the first cover is more dynamic and her look is far more intriguing – even coquettish. She looks like she’d be fun, the other one does not.

    Of course, your prospects are mostly women. I’d like to see you change the type face on the first book and then do a split run to see which of the two covers pulls the most results. The first cover just might win. In fact, I’d bet on the first cover if you could update that type face and get ride of the mortise. Think about it.


    P.S. Be sure to read my comment on Miss Chicken Neck, below.

  2. Well, another problem with the first cover is that I bought the photos, but somehow during the download, I couldn't get the watermark from appearing. Odd. So, if it's a high enough pixel, it shows in the background and looks like I stole it!

    I do like her personality better in the first one. She's a bit of a fighter (and a former runaway) so they sassy look fits. But then, the story does start after a major tragedy, so she may also look naturally subdued as in the second.

    Other items added to the second are the 'Romanic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee Best Debut 2012) so that may also have an effect!

    1. Hi Virginia:

      You wrote:

      “Other items added to the second are the 'Romanic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee Best Debut 2012) so that may also have an effect!”

      Well, I’d add that to the first cover when I changed the type face of the title but I’d go one better: I’d set the words, 'Romanic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee Best Debut 2012’ in a gold seal so it looks like a Newbery Award! I think I could blow that second cover right out of the water!!! : )


  3. But could people read all that on a seal? I should go look at how that's done. I'm thinking it's usually run along the top or the bottom.

    But as the marketing guru, I should take Vince's advice!

  4. Hi Virgina:

    Look at the Seeker 101 Best Website for Writers Seal. These can be easy to do. Keep it simple. It is a real award. You did not make it up. There is nothing like a gold seal to draw attention to a book. On the computer they can always enlarge the screen if they want to better read the type in the seal. However, a bold sans serif type should be easy to read even if somewhat small. The important thing is, you have a product readers like. That makes even weak marketing work better. So just think what strong marketing can do!


  5. But isn't that seal distinctly Writer's Digest?

    I see what you're saying. Create a seal and put the words on there... I've seen them on paper books that say 'signed by author' and it does catch the eye.

    Hmmmmm. Pondering. :)

  6. Hi Virginia:

    Yes, you make up your own seal and if it is for a real award and not just some generic ad copy, like "From the Golden West Series", then you have every right to do it but you can't use the logo you make it look like another organization created the seal. You have to be honest in what you say but there is nothing wrong in getting attention with a gold seal.


    P.S. I actually look for the gold seals for autographed copies. I want to buy books by local authors. I look for them. I also put very nice gold seals on my school diplomas. People like them.

  7. Hi Virginia:

    Your book caught my eye when I was reading reviews on my book. Yours was listed as "customers who bought this item also bought..." The new cover is striking and the first one of yours I saw. I went to your blog to see if you had other "Color" titles, and scrolled down a bit reading and saw the cover-change post. Honestly, because the new cover is the first I saw, the original cover just didn't look as professional. Both are good - but the new one is really good.

    By the way, I love your blogging voice. You are so much fun to read.

    Hallee Bridgeman

  8. Hi Hallee!!

    I sure love that ticker on the bottom, it's a great browsing tool!
    And I loved the original P and P book, but not the original of All the Blue of Heaven. I did it myself and she was never the right size after I adjusted pixels. My kids laughed hysterically the first few tries because she's be EXTRA TAAALLLLL or EXTRA WIIIIIIIDDDDDE.

    I'm hoping to have the next in the Colors of Faith series out in late summer! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  9. Love the covers, Virginia!!! That top one is stunning!

  10. Thank you, Jessica! And the second just came through, ready for the next in the series. I think they did such a good job making it look like a SERIES, even through the cover image. So exciting! I'll post a picture here on the day it goes live! Thanks for visiting!

  11. Dear Lady,

    I understand the commitment to being a chemist. I have a daughter who is a chemist, I am a lowly computer engineer. It is no mean feat to be so advanced as a chemist. You are very blessed to have such a woman.

    I was thrilled with your book. And the compliment you gave the character by honoring her with such a woman shows your heart. Keep up the "good word of Christ" I for one have been blessed by reading your words