Saturday, June 2, 2012

I am being VERY PRODUCTIVE! For some reason I hear Elmer Fudd's voice there... Anyway, I now have an author page on facebook (Virginia Carmichael Author) so look me up and like me. Or not.

There's a hot picture of Richard Armitage ready to plant a smooch on Miss Hale so that's at least worth a peek, right? I hope that's not too sensual for inspirational romance. They're obviously keeping their lips together. Should be okay. If not... Close your eyes.

Oh, also ignore my little profile that seems so stalkerish over his shoulder. *embarassing* Even though that would totally be me in real life, elbowing my way into that frame. Probably shoving that Hale chick off the bench, too.

 Okay, off to bed. I would post writing news but the only thing I've got going on is 1) getting a rejection on a historical and 2) busting my keister on a contemporary. There you have it, in the proverbial nutshell.

  Harrah for the weekend!

Oh, I knew you wanted to see it but were too lazy to go to facebook. So here it is.

You're welcome...

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