Saturday, July 14, 2012

News, news, news.

Hello people!

 Well, I have started a new gig over at Yankee Belle Cafe, which is a food blog run by Ruth Logan Herne and Missy Tippens (and Mindy and Jan :).

  I hope I'll post there much mroe often than I do here because... it's food. And I like food. :)

  Here's the link to the first post of mine. Be sure to browse their recipes. You'll never be the same!!

  My take is going to be fresh and healthy (no laughing!!) and food from the Northwest and West coast.

  So, until I have mroe news on the writing front we'll tide ourselves over with some tasty treats.
  P.S. The current WIP is being a problem child. I'm hoping it turns out to be one of thsoe kids that was a terror to raise, but makes your proud... eventually.


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