Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wheeee! Give away time! Pride and Prejudice DVD!

Okay, so I recently logged the 3,000th sale of my wacky little Southern Jane Austen book and I'd like to celebrate!
(See, Calvin and Hobbes know how to celebrate... with a giveaway!)
My little baby is growing up! Through the good times (five star reviews!), the bad times (one star review because... well, you can read it), and the very best of times (hitting the top of the Christian romance lists!).
I almost missed the big day because I was working on that synopsis for the new contract (arg! SYNOPSIS!) and didn't check my sales for a few days. But I saw it, just in time, and savored the moment.... with a big cookie. 'Cause that's how I roll.
If you missed the contract announcement, it was on Yankee Belle Cafe with Mercer Meyer.

  If you haven't head how it came to be, there's a fun little interview about it on Inkwell Inspirations here. 

Or you can read another interview about it on the My Jane Austen Book Club blog here.

 Anyway! Here's what we'll do... Anyone who likes the facebook page (right here) or leaves a comment there or leaves a comment here, will be entered into the nifty drawing. Make sure you like or comment on the giveaway post, because if you like one of those pretty pictures from way back, I may not catch it.

And what are we giving away??? Of course copies of the beautiful baby girl book. AND the Kiera Knightley version of Pride and Prejudice DVD, delivered directly from Amazon.

Those who know me wil wonder aloud WHY the 2005 version, since I think Kiera has a chicken neck and walks as if there's a ruler duct-taped to her back. But I know she's popular. So, Kiera it is.

Thanks for celebrating with me! I'm going to make this cheesecake tomorrow!!

And if you've read Pride, Prejudice, and Cheese Grits be sure to leave a review. (Not a one star. One stars are for books that make you cry yourself to sleep.)

SMALL PRINT IN BIG PRINT SO YOU WILL NOTICE AND READ IT: Feel free to comment for the chance at the digital copy (of any of my books, actually) but the DVD will be sent to a winner in the US only. Please and thank you.


  1. Well for a one star review it wasn't bad. One could open up the "search this book" feature, see that the formatting doesn't look like the reviewer said and completely ignore the review.

    I have the dvd, so no need to throw me in the hat. :) Oh, and be careful reviewing any pride and prejudice movie version that isn't Colin Firth's version on Amazon unless you are deriding it. I don't think I've got so many "this was not helpful" thumbs down on Amazon when I tried to show that this movie had merits too as compared to the BBC mini-series (which I adore as well), it was like they ganged up on me. As if they'd decided "no one must read a review that says this movie has a few things going for it that's better than the BBC series. Burn her at the stake...." I eventually pulled it, though it was kind of comical, but my reviewer rating went down the tubes, and well, I just didn't like the 0 out of 90 people found this helpful or whatever it was. Heck, I gave both movies 5 stars and did a compare and contrast detailed analysis, how was that not helpful! Argh. Amazon people.

  2. HAHAHA! Ok, 0/90 totally makes me laugh! And one of those may have neen me. No, just kidding. I love Matthew MacFadyen and I loved the music, and Kiera has a lovely speaking voice and gorgeous eyes. And that end scene where he comes out of the mist? *SWOON*
    I also own the DVD BUT I own the BBC Firth version to balance it out. I don't out them in the same drawer together. :O
    It's funny, about those reviews because both of my Amazon books are formatted identically, but the P and P seems to be bringing out the complainers. The historical hasn't gotten a single review that mentions any kind of issues at all and they're formatted by the same company.

    Odd. Amazoners are weird. But hey, I love them a little because they love my BABY!

    1. Oh yes, the music, I even had to buy the sheet music and the soundtrack....and I am not a big music person at all.

      And I could watch the mist scene on repeat if I could figure out how. :)

    2. Ok, I must say... I just played that last night! Of course my daughter mentioned no woman would be caught out in her nightclothes and the hero would never walk to her house without his cravat... BUT it's so lovely!!

  3. Ok, guys! Remember that you can message me on facebook, but it's better to post a comment. The way facebook is set up, I keep having to check the 'other' folder. But thanks for all the entries!

    And this is open to Wednesday the 20th!

  4. Congrats, Virginia on your new contract! Cheering for you in Colorado!! :)

  5. I liked it! :) I too greatly prefer the 1995 version as opposed to Keira's...but hey, I have friends who I could give it to. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Me, too!!! And I'd give away Colin Firth but it's about $35 more! :D Maybe when I sell 5,000??? :D

  6. Thanks to everyone who entered! Holly won the DVD and it's on the way to her, as I type this. There were several winners of the P and P digital edition and they've also been notified. Thank you everyone, again, for celebratin with me!!

  7. Chicken neck!

    Tell that to Nefertiti!

    OK Virginia:

    I just watched all three major P&P movies again. Kiera Knightley was by far the best Elizabeth and that’s not just because I love her. It’s a fact! Greer Garson was not very serious and seemed too old. The woman who played with Colin Firth, the best Darcy by far, was too old, too self-assured, too smug, and very often had a superior smirk on her face that was totally irritating. Jennifer Ehle did not seem loveable at all. Kirea was the same age as Elizabeth when the movie was shot. Twenty years old. She is a real beauty that Darcy could really fall hard for. She was not self-assured, she flew off the handle just as one of her young age might do. She did not have the cool control over her emotions that Ehle did. Ehle was not at all loveable.

    Just look at that BBC P&P again keeping a close eye on Jenifer Ehle. She’d make a great Jane Austen but is nothing like how Elizabeth should be played.


  8. But Jane herself said that Jane (the sister) was 'the beauty' and Elizabeth had 'fine eyes' and 'tolerable teeth' (as Miss Bingley says). So, really, beauty isn't the measure.

    I have to say, when I learned Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle started a romantic affair that lasted 5 years (!!!) I wasn't surprised! She seems almost too comfortable with him. Maybe that's the smirk? A little too much personal knowledge can ruin the chemistry. :D

  9. Hi Virginia:

    You wrote:

    ‘But Jane herself said that Jane (the sister) was 'the beauty' and Elizabeth had 'fine eyes' and 'tolerable teeth' (as Miss Bingley says). So, really, beauty isn't the measure.”

    Jane was the beauty in the sense that a blonde bombshell is a beauty. She’s the kind of beauty that commands the stage. The actress who played Jane did that to perfection.

    But we’re talking about a movie here. There is not time to develop the beauty of her personality as there is plenty of in a book. The cinema needs help to explain why Darcy would be so attracted to just a country girl with no prospects and a god awful family. Why they almost never talk in the movie! Keira has that kind of sensuous beauty, not overly commanding and maybe not even appreciated by some men who like the blonde goddess type woman, but if I’m Darcy, Kiera would have captured my heart with all her family’s faults. Jenifer would have driven me away. Actually, Jane was a better catch for Darcy. She would make him a perfect wife. Keira is going to keep him on his toes and while that sounds good in theory, a perfect wife is probably better in the long run.

    I will admit, the Elizabeth we read in the book, is my favorite heroine by far in all romance books. Of course, I still have not read your second Austen book. BTW: the new cover on Grits looks like it could be on a $24.95 hardback from a big six publisher. That cover just says: "This is a high quality book".


  10. Hmmmm.... Well, to quote Emma, "Men of sense do not want silly wives."

    Jane isn't silly, but she's definitely reserved. (Which leads me to another Emma quote, Mr. Knightley discussing Jane Fairfax), "Jane Fairfax is a very charming young woman — but not even Jane Fairfax is perfect. She has a fault. She has not the open temper which a man would wish for in a wife."

    I do love Jane Austen because she can argue a point from opposite points from not only different characters, but books!

    Elizabeth Bennett is perfect for Darcy even though they hardly talk (except in that perfect drawing room scene where she's trying to read). But Emma is the perfect woman for Mr. Knightley because she's constantly talking, the 'open temper' which Mr. Knightley so enjoys.

    And the second Austen books comes out late May (Or June 1st, depending on how the marketing lines up).

    The same book covers folks will be doing this second one. :)