Saturday, July 29, 2017

Goodbye to an old series, hello to a new one!

Hello, everybody! Mary Jane here and I have to share some delicious desserts I've made recently.
Well, it's not really a dish but since it's over 105F here, nobody wants to eat real food! So we made this yummy homemade almond milk with frozen mango chunks and a little bit of honey and some mint. DELICIOUS!
And it's fresh peach season! Our blueberry farm lost most of his crop this year so we were really sad not to have fresh blueberries. But the peaches arrived and we're happy again!
What's growing in your area? Are you surviving the heat??
In other news, I wrote the sixth book of my Cane River series and as much as I love them, I think that might be the last of By the Book and my wonderful friends in Natchitoches! But good things are ahead.
I've been working on a new series with some great authors. The first installment of SIX brand new novellas is FREE!!

The very next book in the series is my first in the Seasons of Faith series, called Summer's Glory.
Violet Tam thinks she's escaped the boy who made her teen years a perfect misery, but when Silas Black comes back to town, she finds herself falling for the one guy she’s always hated. 

After his mother passes away, master carpenter Silas Black returned to Arcadia Valley to help his sister run their small farm. He was the town’s bad boy as a teen and it wasn’t just an image. But although the rest of Arcadia Valley has accepted that his juvenile delinquent years are behind him, there’s one woman who can’t accept that he’s really changed.
When Violet Tam reluctantly asks him to join forces to help out a friend in need, they discover there is more to each other than meets the eye, and certainly more than who they were in high school. Silas soon realizes he’s in danger of losing his heart to the strong, intelligent middle school teacher. Add in a shocking robbery, an emergency surgery, and a surprise litter of puppies, and the two former enemies must face the possibility that true love was waiting to bloom for them all along.

Summer's Glory is a story of humor, grace, and forgiveness set in the fictional farming town of Arcadia Valley, Idaho. Mary Jane Hathaway's newest installment is sure to delight fans of inspirational novels who enjoy thought-provoking and laugh-out-loud romances that expose the beauty of everyday life and the folly of the human heart. Full of quirky characters, friendship, recipes, and faith, Summer’s Glory is an irresistible beginning to a brand new series.
You can click the link to the right ---------------------------->>>>> to pick up your own copy!

Autumn's Majesty is the next in my series and it was soooo fun to write!

Can the town busybody learn to keep a secret? Vivacious Jamie Lawson has a lot in common with her first grade students. She’s bright, curious, energetic, has a big heart… and lacks any kind of filter. Her friends laugh about how she can’t help sharing what’s on her mind, but her mother warns her that trouble will find a woman who can’t hold her tongue.

The day Jamie accidentally breaks her best friend’s trust, she finally realizes that what is charming in a six year old, just isn’t as adorable in an adult. She vows that with God’s help, she’s going to listen more and talk less, especially around handsome Theo Delis. He’ll be helping her run the Lawson Family Blueberry Farm for the summer, and it will be the perfect time for Jamie to learn a little introspection. His serious, no-nonsense demeanor is the polar opposite of her gabby personality, and she’s sure he’ll be drawn to her new, aloof personality.

But as the heat of an Arcadia Valley summer settles in, Jamie discovers there’s more to wisdom than silence and more to love than mystery.
When an old friend needs confidential support can Jamie finally learn to lead with her heart, and not her mouth?
A story of deep friendship, laughter, and learning to listen to grace.
Again, you can pick up your copy by clicking the link here------------->>>>>
I hope you enjoy this new series and try to stay cool! I hope you're all having a wondering summer!


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